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Ventus was created later than other 5 attributes so Ventus was not included in earlier Japanese gate card.

A earlier Japanese gate card without Ventus-attribute

 Relations with Other Attributes


The symbol of the Ventus attribute is derived from the Han character for wind, (kaze). Ventus comes from the Latin ventus, which means 'a wind'. Zephyros comes from the Greek Ζέφυρος, 'the west wind'. Its color is Green.



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 Relations with Other Attributes


For Pyrus, the main point of them is to simply overpower through sheer force and shutting down ways your opponent can fight back like gate card bonuses or Ability Cards. Due to this, nullifying cards like Rikimaru's Surprise or Stand Off are very useful to stop your opponent from fighting back with ability cards or Gate effects and Stand Off also gives a great Pyrus Bonus.


The symbol of the Pyrus attribute is derived from the Han character for fire, (hi in romaji). Pyrus comes from the Ancient Greek wikt:πῦρ.


Subterra Bakugan tend to have very high G-Power and a straightforward approach of

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overpowering their opponent. Very much like Pyrus, but there is also an emphasis on overpowering your opponent so you can use some of your most powerful ability cards like Subterra and Sub Terra 2.

In The Anime

In game, color of Subterra Bakugan is light brown with darker brown highlight but earlier Japanese Subterra Bakugan has dark brown body with orange highlight, in Bakugan: New Vestroia Subterra Bakugan are a light orange color. The Subterra soldier of Vestroia is Clayf.

Relations with Other Attributes


The symbol of the Subterra attribute is derived from the Han character for earth, (tsuchi).


 Haos Bakugan have some of the lowest G-Powers in the game


They don't need it though since strategy is the main idea of Haos. Haos often win by using cards that either switch the G- Powers like G-Power Swap, cards that win with the lowest G-Power like Tricky Gate, or using your lower power Bakugan to use very powerful ability cards like Haos 2 or The Glow.

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The symbol of the Haos attribute is derived from the Han character for light, (Hikari). It could also be argued that Haos is Chaos without the C.


Darkus Cards have a large variety of G-Powers and ability cards so their are many ways to use them.



A main part of Darkus Bakugan are sending cards away such as the Doom Card or Masquerade's Throw or manipulating what they do with cards such as Darkus 2.

Relation With Other Attributes


The symbol of the Darkus attribute is derived from the Han character for darkness, (yami).


Aquos Bakugan usually have average G-Power but use trickery to either boost them or dwindle their opponent.



Many cards make the opponent feel safe and secure but then cards with powerful effects come up and shock the opponent like Preyas Switch, Aquos 1 or 2, Summon Wave, or Murucho's Launcher. With Aquos strategy, you want to put in low power Bakugan on an opponents gate card or something to make the opponent think they have the upper hand before you bring down a big ability card to knock some sense into them.




The symbol of the Aquos attribute is derived from the Han character for water, (mizu). Its color is Blue.

                        bakugan types



Centipoid: A centipede-like Bakugan

with huge pincers, sometimes called a



Falconoid: A humanoid falcon.

Fear Ripper: A Bakugan with sharp

claws used for slicing and chopping.


Griffon: A lion-like Bakugan with wings 

and a snake like tail.

Reaper: A bakugan with a skeleton 

body and a reaper scythe. It used to be

Masquerade's Bakugan, but was

replaced by Hydranoid in "Just For the

Shun of it"

Robotallion: A robot-looking Bakugan 

with holes.

Serpenoid: A snake-like Bakugan with

deadly fangs.


Laserman: A robotic Bakugan with

lasers on its shoulders.


Stinglash: A scorpion like Bakugan with 

a stinger.

Hydranoid: A hydra-like Bakugan.

Masquerade's Guardian Bakugan. It

reaches 450 GS with the ability card

Chaos of the Darkness.

Dragonoid: A dragon-like Bakugan.

Dan's Guardian Bakugan with a power

level 340 GS. It's power level increases

to 380 GS in the episode "No Guts, No

Glory." It's power level later increases

to 400 GS with the ultimate Ability Card

Boosted Dragon.

Saurus: A triceratops-like Bakugan that

stands on two legs.

Tigrerra: A tiger like Bakugan. Runo's

guardian Bakugan with power level of

340 GS; it is also called "Tig" by Runo.

It's ultimate Ability Card is Velocity

Fang [Crystal Fang in English].

Preyas: A Bakugan able to change its

attribute. Marucho's Guardian

Bakugan. Many thought since he can

change attributes like a chameleon can

change colour that he is a chameleon.

Gorem: A giant golem-like Bakugan. 

Julie's Guardian Bakugan 380 GS. It's

ultimate Ability Card is Mega Impact.

Skyress: A phoenix-like Bakugan.

Shun's Guardian Bakugan 360 GS. It's

ultimate Ability Card is Green Nobility

Violent Wind.
Juggernoid: A tortoise-like Bakugan.

The Aquos attributed one that belong to

Christopher. It is his guardian bakugan.

Delta Drangonoid: The evolved version

of dragonoid that has a cobra's hood

and thornes all over it.


Beestriker: A bee-like Bakugan with a

deadly stinger.

Cycloid: A giant Cyclops with a giant

hammer in his right hand. Billy's

Guardian Bakugan. It reaches 470 GS

with the ultimate ability card Left


El Condor: A Bakugan that looks like a

Totem Pole Shaman with an amazing

ability to fly.

Monaris: A butterfly-like Bakugan.

Wormquake: A large worm with a

huge,gaping mouth full of razor-sharp



Mantris: An mantis like Bakugan with

really sharp claws.

Rattleoid: A Bakugan that looks like

Serpenoid, except with a rattle on its


Ravenoid/Falconeer #2: A raven-like

Bakugan with full body armor.


Siege: A warrior looking Bakugan with

a long sphere and armor.

Harpus: A Harpy-like Bakugan.

Komba's Guardian Bakugan; it's

ultimate Ability Card is Feather Blast.

Fortress: A Bakugan with three faces

and four arms. Each face changes with

different abilities. Chan Lee's Guardian

Bakugan; it's ultimate Ability Card is

Face of Rage.

Tentaclear: A Bakugan with one eye

and six tentacles. Julio's Guardian

Bakugan. Its ultimate Ability Card is

Mega Flare Blinder.


Sirenoid: A mermaid Bakugan with a

harp. Klaus's Guardian Bakugan. This

Bakugan rises out of Gate Cards with

the ability card Dive Mirage. Her

ultimate Ability Card is Anthamusa.

Hynoid: A wolf-like Bakugan.

Manion: A sphinx-like Bakugan.

Tuskor: A mammoth-like Bakugan.

Warrius: A warrior Bakugan with a


Limulus: A stingray Bakugan with

spikes on it.


Gargonoid: A Gargoyle Bakugan.

Terraclaw: A crab Bakugan.

Wyvern: The Infinity Bakugan, as she

contains the Infinity Core. Joe's

Guardian Bakugan. Naga's good twin

sister. While she is the complete

opposite of Naga, during battle, she is

considered Haos. She has a crush on

Dan's Dragonoid. Power level: 550 GS

Apollinir: The ultimate and legendary

Pyrus Bakugan. He's the ultimate


Dragonoid. The leader of all of the six

soldiers. Power level: 500 GS . All six

soldiers are Rena's Guardian Bakugan.

Clayf: The legendary Subterra

Bakugan. Somewhat like a

shakokidogu. The one with the best

strength of all of the six soldiers. Power

level: 500 GS


Lars Lion: The legendary Haos

Bakugan. Somewhat like an angel

warrior. The most moral of all of the six

soldiers. Power level: 500 GS

Frosch: The legendary Aquos Bakugan.

Somewhat like a giant frog. The wisest

and the most tactical of all of the six

soldiers. Power level: 500 GS

Overus: The legendary Ventus

Bakugan. Somewhat like a giant

moth/butterfly. The most

compassionate of the six soldiers.

Power level: 500 GS

Excedra: The legendary Darkus

Bakugan. Somewhat like an eight

headed snake. The most powerful of all

of the six soldiers. Power level: 500 GS

Naga: Wyvern's evil twin brother. He

has the Silent Core and only craves

power. The complete opposite of

Wyvern. He is a bone dragon. His

attribute is Silent or Darkus. Power

level: 1000 GS

Hammer Gorem: The evolved version

of gorem that is stronger, more

armored, and more powerful.

Storm Skyress: The evolved version of

skyress that has more GS and is 


Angelo and Diablo: The evolved 

versions of Preyas. They both are in

one bakugan ball. They both are exact

opposites. Angelo is Haos and is nice

and respective and looks like an angel.

While Diablo is Pyrus and is mean and

rude and looks like a devil.

Blade Tigrerra: The evolved version of

Tigrerra that stands on two legs with

two arms and blades all over her.